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    [!!!][TASK] Provision Pootle using Ansible · cdc8aef0
    Xavier Perseguers authored
    A complete Pootle server may be provisioned using Ansible. This includes
    basic scripts to migrate from Pootle v1.9 to v2.5 and new scripts to
    synchronize changes in TYPO3 system extensions with Pootle.
    The major new feature is the support of removal of outdated labels,
    renaming (and move) of localization files within a system extension and,
    last but not least, basic support for moving localization file from one
    system extension to another one (by copying existing translations to the
    new locations when this is detected).
    Packaging scripts will be adapted in further patches.
    Please refer to README.rst for installation instructions.
    Note: The jump into Ansible and the provided setup was inspired by
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