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......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ Extension Name
.. only:: html
<extension key>
......@@ -22,19 +22,19 @@ Extension Name
Manual covering TYPO3 extension <extension name>
Manual covering TYPO3 extension election
voting, election, poll
Your name
Oliver Eglseder, Stefan Busemann, Christoph Paschner
This document is published under the Open Publication License
......@@ -11,17 +11,15 @@ The links to issue and the GitHub repository are maintained in the Settings.cfg.
You may want to remove this file if all important links are already handled in
:Packagist:<username>/<extension key>
:TER:<extension key>
:Issues:<username>/<extension key>/issues
:GitHub Repository:<username>/<extension key>
:Github Repository:
`@<username> <>`__
` website team <>`__
......@@ -20,18 +20,13 @@
; endless list of all of the general simple settings
; you can use in ''
project = Extensionname (Title Of Project)
version = 1.2
release = 1.2.3
t3author = My Authorname
copyright = since 1970 by My Authorname
project = election
version = 0.2.6
release = 0.2.6
t3author = Stefan Busemann
copyright = since 2015 by Stefan Busemann
description = Short sample description in one longer sentence or short paragraph.
It is mainly used for the PDF, Manpage and Techinfo version of this document.
What is this documentation about? Lorem ipsum: Explain to you how all this
mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and it will
give you a complete account of the system, and expound the actual teachings
of the great explorer of the truth, the master-builder of human happiness.
description = This extension provides a voting / polling option. You can create nominees, elections, circulars and import or create electors
......@@ -41,19 +36,19 @@ description = Short sample description in one longer sentence or short paragraph
github_branch = latest
github_commit_hash =
github_repository = TYPO3-Documentation/TYPO3CMS-Example-ExtensionManual
github_repository =
github_revision_msg =
github_sphinx_locale =
# project_contact =
project_contact =
project_contact = Stefan Busemann
# project_discussions= http://...
project_discussions =
project_discussions =
# project_home =
project_home =
# project_issues =
project_issues =
project_issues =
# project_repository =
project_repository =
project_repository =
use_opensearch =
......@@ -7,7 +7,8 @@
To-Do list
Give a link pointing to a roadmap.
The focus for the further development are:
Alternatively, you can add a list of things you want to add or fix in this chapter
or give a vision about where the extension is heading.
* Stability: Add unit and behaviour tests (Version 0.3.x)
* Performance: Make the frontend faster (Version 0.4.x)
* Improve Adminstration: Archive Elections, Import options (Version 0.5.x)
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