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0.2.5 First productive Release
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# Changelog
| Version | Release | Type | Description |
| ------- | ---------- | ----- | --------------------------------------- |
| 0.1.0 | 15.03.2019 | Major | Alpha version |
| 0.2.5 | 19.03.2019 | Major | Beta version / first productive release |
# Contribution
## Information about contributing to this extenstion
Your contribution is welcome. Feel free to create issues. You can also create a
merge request. Please note, that we only review merge request
### Create Issues
* If you find something missing or something is wrong in this extension,
you are welcome to write an issue at that is describing the problem.
* If you can, please try to fix the problem yourself and create a merge reuest in this project (you need request group access first)
* For every change, it is necessary to create an issue first.
### Get help
* If you need help with contributing to this extension or If you want to get a maintainer of the extension, please contact:
### requirments for merge requests
* if the coding guidelines are fullfilled
* acceptance criterias are described
* unit tests are running
If you want to get a maintainer of the extension, please contact:
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