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[FEATURE] Add ELTS Orderlink and linkconfiguration

parent 39457b21
...@@ -10,4 +10,11 @@ plugin.tx_typo3roadmap { ...@@ -10,4 +10,11 @@ plugin.tx_typo3roadmap {
persistence { persistence {
storagePid = {$plugin.tx_typo3roadmap_roadmap.persistence.storagePid} storagePid = {$plugin.tx_typo3roadmap_roadmap.persistence.storagePid}
} }
settings {
orderLink =
infoLink =
} }
...@@ -2,18 +2,20 @@ ...@@ -2,18 +2,20 @@
<section class="container"> <section class="container">
<ul class="nav nav-tabs" role="tablist"> <ul class="nav nav-tabs" role="tablist">
<f:for each="{majorVersions}" as="majorsTabs" key="keyTab" iteration="tabIteratorTabs"> <f:for each="{majorVersions}" as="majorsTabs" key="keyTab" iteration="tabIteratorTabs">
<li class="nav-item"> <li class="nav-item listing__nav-item">
<a class="nav-link{f:if(condition: tabIteratorTabs.isFirst, then: ' active')}" data-toggle="tab" role="tab" href="#major_{majorsTabs.uid}">{majorsTabs.title}</a> <a class="nav-link listing__nav-item_link px-lg-0 py-lg-3{f:if(condition: tabIteratorTabs.isFirst, then: ' active')}" data-toggle="tab" role="tab" href="#major_{majorsTabs.uid}">{majorsTabs.title}</a>
</li> </li>
</f:for> </f:for>
</ul> </ul>
<div class="tab-content"> <div class="tab-content mb-5">
<f:for each="{majorVersions}" as="major" key="key" iteration="tabIterator"> <f:for each="{majorVersions}" as="major" key="key" iteration="tabIterator">
<div id="major_{major.uid}" role="tabpanel" class="card tab-pane{f:if(condition: tabIterator.isFirst, then: ' active')}"> <div id="major_{major.uid}" role="tabpanel" class="border tab-pane{f:if(condition: tabIterator.isFirst, then: ' active')}">
<h2>{major.title}</h2> <div class="p-3">
<f:format.html>{major.bodyText}</f:format.html> <h2>{major.title}</h2>
<h3>Releases</h3> <f:format.html>{major.bodyText}</f:format.html>
<table class="table table-striped"> <h3 class="mb-0">Releases</h3>
<table class="table table-striped mb-0">
<thead> <thead>
<tr> <tr>
<th scope="col">Version</th> <th scope="col">Version</th>
...@@ -56,47 +58,49 @@ ...@@ -56,47 +58,49 @@
</div> </div>
<h3>Support Times</h3> <h3>Support Times</h3>
<div id="charts" style="height: 300px;"></div> <div class="charts-wrapper">
<h3> <div id="charts" style="height: 300px;"></div>
You can find further information about our Extended Support </div>
Plans on <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <h3>Extended Support for TYPO3</h3>
</h3> <p> You can find further information about our Extended Support Plans on <a href="{settings.ELTS.infoLink}" target="_blank"></a><br>
<a class="btn btn-primary" href="{settings.ELTS.orderLink}" target="_blank">Get extended Support</a>
<div id="legend"></div> <div id="legend"></div>
<h3>PHP Compatibility Chart</h3> <h3>PHP Compatibility Chart</h3>
<table class="table table-bordered"> <table class="table table-bordered">
<thead> <thead>
<tr> <tr>
<th>PHP versions</th> <th>PHP versions</th>
<f:for each="{majorVersions}" as="majorVersion"> <f:for each="{majorVersions}" as="majorVersion">
<th> <th>
<strong>{majorVersion.title}</strong><br> <strong>{majorVersion.title}</strong><br>
{,format:'Y')} {,format:'Y')}
- {,format:'Y')} - {,format:'Y')}
</th> </th>
</f:for> </f:for>
</tr> </tr>
</thead> </thead>
<tbody> <tbody>
<f:for each="{phpVersions}" as="phpVersion"> <f:for each="{phpVersions}" as="phpVersion">
<tr> <tr>
PHP {phpVersion.version}
<f:for each="{majorVersions}" as="majorVersion">
<td> <td>
PHP {phpVersion.version} <roadmap:condition.inArray needle="{phpVersion.uid}" array="{majorVersion.phpVersions}" arrayPath="uid">
</td> </td>
<f:for each="{majorVersions}" as="majorVersion"> </f:for>
<td> </tr>
<roadmap:condition.inArray needle="{phpVersion.uid}" array="{majorVersion.phpVersions}" arrayPath="uid"> </f:for>
</tbody> </tbody>
</table> </table>
</section> </section>
...@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ $EM_CONF[$_EXTKEY] = array( ...@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ $EM_CONF[$_EXTKEY] = array(
'clearCacheOnLoad' => 0, 'clearCacheOnLoad' => 0,
'lockType' => '', 'lockType' => '',
'author_company' => '', 'author_company' => '',
'version' => '2.0.4', 'version' => '2.0.5',
'constraints' => array( 'constraints' => array(
'depends' => array( 'depends' => array(
'typo3' => '8.5.0-8.99.99', 'typo3' => '8.5.0-8.99.99',
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