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[TASK] Set maxHeight for all images

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......@@ -11,11 +11,11 @@
< class="t3js-banner" target="_blank" additionalParams="{randombanners: '{banner: banner.uid}'}" additionalAttributes="{data-uid: banner.uid, rel: settings.linkAttributeRel}">
<f:if condition="{banner.externalLogo}">
<f:image src="{banner.externalLogo}" alt="{}" maxWidth="150" />
<f:image src="{banner.externalLogo}" alt="{}" maxWidth="150" maxHeight="62"/>
<f:if condition="{banner.logo}">
<f:image image="{banner.logo}" alt="{}" maxWidth="150" />
<f:image image="{banner.logo}" alt="{}" maxWidth="150" maxHeight="62"/>
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