Commit bbc98325 authored by Thomas Löffler's avatar Thomas Löffler
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Merge branch '9-use-lightbox-for-pictures' into 'master'

Resolve "use lightbox for pictures"

Closes #9

See merge request services/!20
parents 2802614e a1929406
......@@ -38,8 +38,10 @@
4:{media:'max-width', size:1199, maxWidth:450, cropVariant:'default'},
5:{media:'min-width', size:1200, maxWidth:570, cropVariant:'default'}
}" />
<f:link.typolink parameter="{f:uri.image(image:media)}" additionalAttributes="{data-fancybox: 'f-{media.uid}'}">
<f:render partial="ContentElements/Media/Rendering/PictureSrcsetCols" section="ImageRender" arguments="{file: media, breakpoints: breakpoints}" />
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