Commit a861faa3 authored by Thomas Löffler's avatar Thomas Löffler
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Merge branch 'develop' into 401-planet-typo3

parents 0f2295dc 479c001f
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@import 'EXT:seo/Configuration/TypoScript/XmlSitemap'
@import 'EXT:news/Configuration/TypoScript/Sitemap'
@import 'EXT:seo/Configuration/TypoScript/XmlSitemap/setup.typoscript'
@import 'EXT:news/Configuration/TypoScript/Sitemap/setup.txt'
plugin.tx_seo {
config {
xmlSitemap {
@import 'EXT:seo/Configuration/TypoScript/XmlSitemap/constants.typoscript'
@import 'EXT:news/Configuration/TypoScript/Sitemap/constants.txt'
styles.content {
# PID with fe_users = 178
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