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......@@ -11,15 +11,17 @@ Installation:
* Set up a scheduler task of type membership import
* set up:
* storage pid: Where should the members be imported
* CSV file to import (path and filename): Full path to the location where the memeber file should be stored. The folder should be secured via .htaccess
* Dropbox Token: Token for accessing the dropbox folder
* Setup the API token
The expected location within dropbox is:
/TYPO3 Backoffice/Member-Lists/memberlist.txt
The file is endocded with: ISO-8859-15
## Membershio Statistic
## External libs
You can add a scheduler task, to create a monthly statistic. All
data are written to the table "!tx_t3omembership_domain_model_member_statistic"
and can be viewed via TYPO3 Backend. The data are written to the given
PID in the Memberstatistic Command.
This extension uses Dropbox-v2-PHP-SDK from lukeb2014, see:
* Set up a scheduler task of type update membershipstatistic
* Provide the PID, where the membership data are stored
* the Task can be run once per month, as the data of each run are updated to the corresponding month.
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