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Remove the viewed line from eMails

git-svn-id: e8cb78a8-64f2-4011-8042-bd1ea5058d47
parent 14a78f90
......@@ -117,7 +117,11 @@
* @return boolean
protected function sendReport(Tx_Randombanners_Domain_Model_Banner $banner) {
$message = "Your banner statistics for ".date('F Y', strtotime('-1 month')).":\n\nDisplayed: ".$banner->getDisplayedThisMonth()." times\nClicked: ".$banner->getClickedThisMonth()." times\n\nThanks for sponsoring\nTYPO3 Association";
$message = "Your banner statistics for " . date('F Y', strtotime('-1 month')) . ":\n"
. "\nClicked: ".$banner->getClickedThisMonth()." times\n"
. "\nThanks for sponsoring\nTYPO3 Association";
$this->htmlMail->subject = 'Report for your banner on on '.date('F', strtotime('-1 month'));
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