Verified Commit c97950da authored by Jens Jacobsen's avatar Jens Jacobsen Committed by Jens Jacobsen
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[TASK] Add post-start hooks for web container

parent d46e18f1
......@@ -9,3 +9,11 @@ dbaimage: drud/phpmyadmin:v0.2.0
router_http_port: "80"
router_https_port: "443"
provider: default
- exec: "composer install -d /var/www/html"
- exec: "rm -rf typo3conf/ext/t3olayout/Build/node_modules"
- exec: "npm --prefix typo3conf/ext/t3olayout/Build install"
- exec: "npm --prefix typo3conf/ext/t3olayout/Build run-script build"
- exec: "../bin/typo3cms install:generatepackagestates"
- exec: "../bin/typo3cms install:extensionsetupifpossible"
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