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<html xmlns="" lang="en" xmlns:f="">
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<div class="alert alert-info mt-3">
<h4>Please make sure that the extension key you register follows the following rules</h4>
<li>Allowed characters are: a-z (lowercase), 0-9 and '_' (underscore)</li>
<li>The key must not begin with one of the following prefixes: tx,user_,pages,tt_,sys_,ts_language_,csh_</li>
<li>Extension keys must not start with a number and must not start or end with an '_' (underscore)</li>
<li>An extension key must have minimum 3, maximum 30 characters (not counting underscores)</li>
<h4>Please make sure that the extension key you register follows the rules</h4>
<p>Check the <a title="Please review the Rules for the Extension Key" target="_blank" href="">Rules for the Extension Key</a> at the official documentation.</p>
<div class="tab-pane" id="transfer" role="tabpanel">
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