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Add composer info to Solr

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......@@ -101,6 +101,14 @@ class TerIndexer extends \ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\IndexQueue\Indexer
$document->setField('insecure_boolS', $extension->getLastVersion()->getReviewState() === -1);
$document->setField('outdated_boolS', $extension->getLastVersion()->getReviewState() === -2);
// composer support
$document->setField('supportsComposer_boolS', false);
$document->setField('composerName_stringS', '');
if ($extension->getLastVersion()->getComposerName()) {
$document->setField('supportsComposer_boolS', true);
$document->setField('composerName_stringS', $extension->getLastVersion()->getComposerName());
// does this extension supports different versions?
// @todo: use JSON with all versions to get them
$document->setField('supports7_boolS', false);
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