Commit 8a95f043 authored by Tomas Norre Mikkelsen's avatar Tomas Norre Mikkelsen Committed by Thomas Löffler
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[CI] Adjust path

parent c8d947c3
......@@ -82,13 +82,13 @@ mutation:badge:
- cd badges
- mutation_msi=$(cat ../build/infection-log.json | jq .stats.msi)
- msi_color=$(../gitlab-ci/build/./ $mutation_msi)
- msi_color=$(../.gitlab-ci/build/./ $mutation_msi)
- anybadge -l "Mutation MSI" -v $mutation_msi -f mutation_msi.svg -c $msi_color
- mutation_mcc=$(cat ../build/infection-log.json | jq .stats.mutationCodeCoverage)
- mcc_color=$(../gitlab-ci/build/./ $mutation_mcc)
- mcc_color=$(../.gitlab-ci/build/./ $mutation_mcc)
- anybadge -l "Mutation MCC" -v $mutation_mcc -f mutation_mcc.svg -c $mcc_color
- mutation_ccmsi=$(cat ../build/infection-log.json | jq .stats.coveredCodeMsi)
- ccmsi_color=$(../gitlab-ci/build/./ $mutation_ccmsi)
- ccmsi_color=$(../.gitlab-ci/build/./ $mutation_ccmsi)
- anybadge -l "Mutation CCMSI" -v $mutation_ccmsi -f mutation_ccmsi.svg -c $ccmsi_color
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