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    [!!!][TASK] Remove tx_ter_extensions & queue & importer task · ff3c42b3
    Benni Mack authored
    This change is the final change to remove any database tables
    from "EXT:ter", and remove any migration from TER v1 (SOAP) to
    TER v2 via a scheduler task.
    This change removes:
    * tx_ter_extensions (versions of an extension)
    * tx_ter_extensionqueue (+ its UploadQueue API object)
    * ImportExtensionsFromQueueTask (all migrated to ExtensionVersion for now)
    All DB rows are written directly into tx_terfe2_domain_model_version and
    its related tables.
    The API "ExtensionVersion->upload()" now produces everything necessary
    including notifications (which can be built via PSR-14 in the future).
    This also actually means that extensions are automatically available
    RIGHT AWAY after uploading an extension via the GUI or the SOAP API.
    Next Steps:
    * Refactor our upload API to make it more resistent and moving into a Event Sourcing concept (thinning out all underlying logic from ExtensionVersion again)
    * Refactor the permission concept and integrate it nicely
    * Remove dependencies to the SOAP API in EXT:ter_fe2