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    [!!!][TASK] Merge tx_ter_extensiondetails into tx_ter_extensions · 30ee6168
    Benni Mack authored
    There is a simple connection between tx_ter_extensiondetails and tx_ter_extensions
    (extensionuid field), but both tables always need to be kept in sync. This is unnecessary
    overhead. For this reason, all data is now moved into tx_ter_extensions (which will
    later be moved into tx_terfe2_domain_model_version).
    After adding the new fields to the database table "tx_ter_extensions",
    A onetime CLI command "ter:migrateextensiondetails" is executed
    and syncs all existing data into the main "tx_ter_extensions".
    "tx_ter_extensiondetails" can be dropped after the migration, as it is not
    used anymore at all.