Commit 9d17cf73 authored by Stephan Großberndt's avatar Stephan Großberndt
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[FEATURE] Add healthcheck plugin

parent d991ed04
......@@ -23,5 +23,6 @@ RUN rm -f /var/gerrit/plugins/avatars-gravatar.jar \
ADD --chown=1000:1000 assets/etc /var/gerrit/etc
ADD --chown=1000:1000 assets/hooks /var/gerrit/hooks
ADD --chown=1000:1000 assets/plugins /var/gerrit/plugins
ADD --chown=1000:1000 assets/ssh /var/gerrit/.ssh
ADD --chown=1000:1000 assets/static /var/gerrit/static
[healthcheck "auth"]
enabled = false
\ No newline at end of file
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