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Add details about development setup + Create Generic Package of Dump

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......@@ -127,13 +127,16 @@ Get dump for Content Master:
<<: *prepare-ssh
image: composer:2.0.8
when: manual
PACKAGE_REGISTRY_URL: "${CI_API_V4_URL}/projects/${CI_PROJECT_ID}/packages/"
stage: maintenance
- mkdir dump
- ssh "php ./ database:export -c Default -e 'cache_*' -e '[bf]e_sessions' -e 'be_users' -e 'sys_log' -e 'sys_history' -e 'sys_refindex' | gzip -9 -c" > ./dump/dump.sql.gz
- rsync -avz --exclude='_processed_' ./dump/fileadmin
name: demo-content-master-dump
- ./dump/
expire_in: 1h
- zip -r dump
- |
curl --request DELETE --header "JOB-TOKEN: ${CI_JOB_TOKEN}" ${PACKAGE_REGISTRY_URL}/1
- |
curl --header "JOB-TOKEN: ${CI_JOB_TOKEN}" --upload-file ./ ${PACKAGE_REGISTRY_URL}/generic/site/${GITLAB_RELEASE_VERSION}/
......@@ -15,6 +15,24 @@ As soon as one backend user signs in to the TYPO3 Backend, a counter is shown bo
and on the TYPO3 Backend that within 30 minutes, the TYPO3 installation will be re-set
to the current state.
## Local Development
* DDEV, see [Get Started with DDEV](
To set up the TYPO3 Demo Project for local development
1. Download code `git clone ssh://`
2. Install composer packages `ddev composer install`
3. Download database/fileadmin: Go to the [Generic Packages]( section in Gitlab, select the "site"-Package and download the latest ""
4. Extract the downloaded file
5. Copy the `fileadmin` folder to `<document root>web/fileadmin`
6. Import database: `ddev import-db --src=/path/to/database/dump.sql.gz`
7. Update schema: `ddev exec bin/typo3cms database:updateschema`
8. Create a backend user `ddev exec bin/typo3cms backend:createadmin username password`
9. Start the project running `ddev start`
## License
All code is licensed under GPL2+. All content and graphical creations are licensed under
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