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[TASK] Adjust field wrapper template to be more readable

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......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
<f:form.validationResults for="{element.rootForm.identifier}.{element.identifier}">
<div class="b_form__group{f:if(condition: '{validationResults.errors.0}', then: ' b_form__group--has-error')}">
<div class="b_form__group {f:if(condition: '{validationResults.errors.0}', then: 'b_form__group--has-error')}">
<f:if condition="{doNotShowLabel} != 1">
<label class="b_form__label" for="{element.uniqueIdentifier}">{formvh:translateElementProperty(element: element, property: 'label')}<f:if condition="{element.required}"><f:render partial="Field/Required" /></f:if></label>
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