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[TASK] Add SVG icon for youtube

See merge request !26
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<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 176 124"><path d="M180.32,53.36A22.12,22.12,0,0,0,164.76,37.7C151,34,96,34,96,34s-55,0-68.76,3.7A22.12,22.12,0,0,0,11.68,53.36C8,67.18,8,96,8,96s0,28.82,3.68,42.64A22.12,22.12,0,0,0,27.24,154.3C41,158,96,158,96,158s55,0,68.76-3.7a22.12,22.12,0,0,0,15.56-15.66C184,124.82,184,96,184,96S184,67.18,180.32,53.36ZM78,122.17V69.83L124,96Z" transform="translate(-8 -34)"/></svg>
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