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[TASK] Update docs with the current state

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This is a [composer][1] repository, enabling you to install TYPO3 CMS core and extensions including dependencies via Composer.
This repository includes:
This repository includes TYPO3 CMS extensions:
* All TYPO3 Extensions that are uploaded to [TER]( including insecure versions.
* Insecure versions are marked in th extra section with "extra""typo3/ter""reviewstate" = "insecure" in the composer extra section
* These extensions are all in the `typo3-ter/` composer namespace
* Extension versions from repositories that are provided on [extension setup](
* These must be repositories that include a composer.json in each release tag
* The composer name of these releases is determined from the composer.json in these repositories
* TYPO3 CMS core. All versions currently supported by [](
* TYPO3 CMS extensions. All Extensions, not marked as un-secure, in the [TER](
* Composer Installer. To install everything into its right place (typo3conf/ext and typo3_src)
You can [list and search for]( available extension packages.
How to use it?
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