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Remove paragraph regarding synchronisation of with Packagist


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......@@ -99,15 +99,7 @@ dependencies. The file must be placed at the root of your extension and must loo
The ``vendor-name`` must be one of yours. It must not be "typo3" which is reserved for Core extensions.
There are some [conventions notes]( to be read in the TYPO3 Wiki related to namespaces.
Also, you have the chance to synchronise your package on Packagist, if you are hosting your code on
The benefit would be to be able to use the "master" branch as long as the "tags" - which is not possible with the TER. To have this possible, make sure to:
* Have a Composer file at the root of the extension, as shown above.
* Register the package at [Packagist](
* Add "typo3" as additional maintainer of your package on Packagist. This is required to have Gerrit's hook correctly triggering the update on Packagist.
There are some [conventions notes]( available in the TYPO3 Wiki related to namespaces.
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