Commit ce31c24f authored by Stefan Busemann's avatar Stefan Busemann
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Merge branch 'bugfix/correct-wrong-userpassword' into 'master'

Correct wrong userPassword on user creation

See merge request t3o/t3o_ldap!5
parents 62661047 ca40dac5
......@@ -496,7 +496,7 @@ class Ldap
// if hash fields are filled, store them into ldap user and remove them afterwards
if ($this->isSaltedPassword($user->getPassword()) && ($myProfileUser->getHashMd5() || $myProfileUser->getHashSha1() || $myProfileUser->getHashCrypt())) {
$ldapUserArray['userPassword'][] = $myProfileUser->getHashMd5();
$ldapUserArray['userPassword'][] = $myProfileUser->getHashSha1();
$ldapUserArray['userPassword'][] = $myProfileUser->getHashCrypt();
$ldapUserArray['userPassword'][] = $myProfileUser->getHashMd5();
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