Commit 274fe8b6 authored by Mathias Bolt Lesniak's avatar Mathias Bolt Lesniak Committed by Sebastian Kotte
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Apply suggestion to extensions/karma/Classes/Controller/UserDisplayController.php

parent 4f5e5f7d
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ class UserDisplayController extends AbstractController
$sourceTotals = [];
foreach ($this->getKarmaSourceCodes() as $sourceCode) {
$value = $this->karmaService->getImmutableKarmaSourceTotalForUser($sourceCode, $frontendUser);
$sourceTotals[$sourceCode] = $value;
$sourceTotals[$sourceCode] = $this->karmaService->getImmutableKarmaSourceTotalForUser($sourceCode, $frontendUser);
$this->view->assign('immutableValue', $immutableValue);
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