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......@@ -6,19 +6,17 @@ On server
virt-install-debian srvXXX
* press <strg>+5 to disconnect from the console once the boostrapping is finished, be patient before the next step
* confirm succesfull creation with <y>-key
Chef Bootstrapping (On Your Workstation)
* make sure you are connected to the VPN
* When bootstrapping a publicly reachable VM
knife bootstrap --bootstrap-version 12.5.1 -E production -r "recipe[t3-base]" --ssh-user=root \
* When bootstrapping a VM in the private network:
knife bootstrap --bootstrap-version 12.5.1 -E production -r "recipe[t3-base]" --ssh-gateway \
-N 10.186.2.xx
-N 10.186.2.yyy
Customisation of virtual machine
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