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On server
edit /root/machine.conf and update variables
* edit `/root/machine.conf` and update variables
* configure only the internal IP addresses (applied to `eth0`).
* create VM:
# kick installation
export DOMAIN=srvXXX
# login and create /root/.ssh
# install curl (until its part of base install)
# shutdown
virsh shutdown $DOMAIN
# copy ssh-keys of admins into machine
virt-copy-in -d $DOMAIN authorized_keys /root/.ssh/
# start again
virsh start $DOMAIN
# set domain to autostart
virsh autostart $DOMAIN
* add additional network interfaces, when needed
Chef Bootstrapping (On Your Workstation)
* When bootstrapping a publicly reachable VM
knife bootstrap --bootstrap-version 12.5.1 -N -E production -r "recipe[t3-base]" -E production --ssh-user=root
# cleanup root/.ssh/authorized_keys
* When bootstrapping a VM in the private network:
knife bootstrap --bootstrap-version 12.5.1 -N -E production -r "recipe[t3-base]" --ssh-gateway 10.186.2.xx
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