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Team Meeting 2021-05-04

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# Server Team Meeting, 2021-05-04
Attendees: Andreas Beutel, Andri Steiner, Michael Stucki, Stephan Großberndt
Excused: Bastian Bringenberg
Beginning of the meeting: 08:30 CEST.
## Daily Business
* [Last meeting protocol](
* [Issue board (GitLab)](
* [Tickets (OTRS)](;QueueID=21;SortBy=Age;OrderBy=Up;View=Small;Filter=All)
## GitLab Slack Notifications
* [INFO] it was [asked on Twitter]( whether we could enable GitLab notifications in Slack
* [INFO] the integration does not work globally (as GitHub does) but per project
* [INFO] we don't see a feasible way to configure each integration with its desired settings (project, channel, notification types)
## OTRS Migration
* [INFO] OTRS community support was suddenly canceled ([announcement](
* [INFO] the migrated installation was checked with some key users (services/, [Feedback](
* [TODO] the final migration is [planned for Thursday, May 6th](
## Extensions cleanup on git/
* [INFO] the last remaining extensions on git/ have been removed
* [INFO] this led to some problems due to outdated links for former versions on Packagist
* [INFO] we added redirect rules to point those requests to their new location now
* [TODO] as next step, we'll let point to GitLab now
## Various
* [INFO] the update to 4.2 is under way
* [INFO] HedgeDoc was updated to 1.8.0
* [INFO] Gerrit 4 RC released: we do not expect major problems but will wait for a few patch versions still
## Next meeting
The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 08:30 CEST.
End of the meeting: 09:14 CEST.
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