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Team Meeting 2020-05-05

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# Server Team Meeting, 2020-05-05
Attendees: Andreas Beutel, Andri Steiner, Bastian Bringenberg, Michael Stucki, Stephan Großberndt
Beginning of the meeting: 08:30 CEST.
## Daily Business
* [Last meeting protocol](Meeting\
* [Issue board (GitLab)](
* [Tickets (OTRS)](;QueueID=21;SortBy=Age;OrderBy=Up;View=Small;Filter=All)
## Migration status
* [INFO] dev environment for t3o stack is ready
* [INFO] OTRS migration is ongoing
* [INFO] was migrated yesterday (May 4th (be with you…))
## Status page
* [INFO] the current status page is outdated and connects to our old monitoring
* [INFO] we evaluated available systems and installed Cachet to play around
* [INFO] see
* [TODO] we decided to switch our current status page to the new system
## Various
* [INFO] next scheduled sprint June 02.-04. Due to the current situation, we plan to gather remotely
* [INFO] Possible problem with password reset process on T3O requires manual reset in LDAP. Under investigation.
## Next meeting
The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 08:30 CEST.
End of the meeting: 09:05 CEST.
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