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Team Meeting 2020-10-20

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# Server Team Meeting, 2020-10-20
Attendees: Andreas Beutel, Andri Steiner, Bastian Bringenberg, Michael Stucki, Stephan Großberndt
Beginning of the meeting: 08:30 CEST.
## Daily Business
* [Last meeting protocol](
* [Issue board (GitLab)](
* [Tickets (OTRS)](;QueueID=21;SortBy=Age;OrderBy=Up;View=Small;Filter=All)
## E-Mail Spamfilter
* [INFO] we're testing a commercial spam filter in front of or mailserver
* [INFO] the test was started on October 13th and will run for a month
* [TODO] we will compare the amount of received spam and decide about further proceedings afterwards
## NDA
* [INFO] as discussed in #typo3-server-team Slack channel, each person with access to the TYPO3 infrastructure is required to sign a NDA to fulfill GDPR requirements
* [INFO] we will forward each such request for whatever account to Olivier who will manage the process and approve the account
# Server Migrations
* [INFO] we will tackle the remaining migrations as soon as possible
* [INFO] Redmine update is ongoing, last minor tweaks will be addressed on Thursday
## Various
* [INFO] the november sprint in Düsseldorf is canceled, we will use the planned days for a remote sprint instead
* [INFO] Benni told us about the plan for the upcoming and will contact us if we need to provide something
* [INFO] Slack software update channel: we will write a short info into a thread to each update when completed
## Next meeting
The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 03, 2020 08:30 CET.
End of the meeting: 09:02 CEST.
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