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Team Meeting 2021-07-27

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# Server Team Meeting, 2021-07-27
Attendees: Andreas Beutel, Andri Steiner, Stephan Großberndt
Excused: Bastian Bringenberg, Michael Stucki
Beginning of the meeting: 08:30 CEST.
## Daily Business
* [Last meeting protocol](
* [Issue board (GitLab)](
* [Tickets (OTRS)](;QueueID=21;SortBy=Age;OrderBy=Up;View=Small;Filter=All)
## GitHub repository renaming
* [INFO] our main repository was renamed to [TYPO3/typo3](
* [INFO] as is not required anymore now, we will re-use this hostname for our GitLab installation
## Mailinglist: IPv6 delivery to Google Mail
* [INFO] we encounter problem when sending mailing list mails to Google Mail
* [INFO] as the list server must be replaced soon anyway, we decided to disable IPv6 altogether
* [INFO] details: [Ticket server/team#77](
## Forge Cleanup
* [INFO] we plan to remove all community extensions from on November 1st
* [INFO] detailed notification will follow
## Various
* [INFO] Discourse on and was updated to version 2.7.7
* [INFO] the OTOBO spam queue will be connected to Cleanmail's learning mechanism finally
* [INFO] we still wait for Gerrit 3.4.1 before we switch to 3.4
## Next meeting
The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 10, 2021 08:30 CEST.
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