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Links to transitions & themes stay in presentation

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......@@ -145,25 +145,26 @@
<section id="transition-styles">
<h2>Transition Styles</h2>
You can select from different transitions, like: <br>
<a href="">Cube</a> -
<a href="">Page</a> -
<a href="">Concave</a> -
<a href="">Linear</a>
<a href="?transition=cube#/transition-styles">Cube</a> -
<a href="?transition=page#/transition-styles">Page</a> -
<a href="?transition=concave#/transition-styles">Concave</a> -
<a href="?transition=linear#/transition-styles">Linear</a>
<section id="themes">
Reveal.js comes with a few themes built in: <br>
<a href="">Sky</a> -
<a href="">Beige</a> -
<a href="">Simple</a> -
<a href="">Serif</a> -
<a href="">Default</a>
<a href="?theme=sky#/themes">Sky</a> -
<a href="?theme=beige#/themes">Beige</a> -
<a href="?theme=simple#/themes">Simple</a> -
<a href="?theme=serif#/themes">Serif</a> -
<a href="?#/themes">Default</a>
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