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document clock and timer in speaker notes window

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......@@ -967,6 +967,14 @@ Notes are only visible to the speaker inside of the speaker view. If you wish to
When `showNotes` is enabled notes are also included when you [export to PDF]( By default, notes are printed in a semi-transparent box on top of the slide. If you'd rather print them on a separate page after the slide, set `showNotes: "separate-page"`.
#### Speaker notes clock and timer
The speaker notes window will also show:
- Time elapsed since the beginning of the presentation. If you hover the mouse above this section, a timer reset button will appear.
- Current wall-clock time
## Server Side Speaker Notes
In some cases it can be desirable to run notes on a separate device from the one you're presenting on. The Node.js-based notes plugin lets you do this using the same note definitions as its client side counterpart. Include the required scripts by adding the following dependencies:
Supports Markdown
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