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General Topics
Question by Daniel regarding composer scripts:
Should composer scripts work cross platform?
We currently have Unix commands in there that should not work on windows for example.
We still stick to current support until someone jumps on and provides improvements.
Most people use Unix (e.g. WSL in Windows, Mac OS or a Linux / Unix Distribution).
GitLab synchronizes (mirrors) from GitHub every hour.
Resolved tasks
* PR merged: [TASK] Completely rewrite the README #270
* PR merged: [FEATURE] Composer command for rendering documentation #277
* PR merged: [TASK] Move the Composer script descriptions to the composer.json #284
* PR merged: [TASK] Use the Composer scripts for the CI builds by default #283
* PR merged: [TASK] Move most development tools from PHIVE to Composer #282
* PR merged: [TASK] Split GitLab jobs #273
Define next tasks
* Oliver is preparing his talk for TYPO3 online days.
* Volker Graubaum will talk to the academic committee.
They might wanna join forces with our group.
So lets see what future will bring.
* Volker also mentioned best practices about how to do things.
This will also be part of the EXT:tea.
Meeting Minutes September 08
.. contents::
General Topics
Resolved tasks
Define next tasks
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