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Add Meeting minutes from 17th November

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......@@ -7,11 +7,23 @@ Meeting Minutes November 17
General Topics
* We will stick to 100% remote for 2022 again.
That's due to the pandemic and we are distributed across countries and found our own way.
Resolved tasks
* Oliver did reviews on GitHub.
* Łukasz migrated from php-cs-fixer to coding standards version 3 of TYPO3 package.
Define next tasks
* Łukasz will add another bootstrap file in order to run linters localy.
He will also convert the existing script into a PHP Console Command.
* Daniel is on holiday and will add the merges next week.
* Daniel will ask whether demo Team can join one of our team calls.
If that's not possible, we will try to find a date for a dedicated call.
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