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General Topics
* Working with TYPO3 Demo team.
Daniel contacted Desi.
Our current meeting time doesn't fit for her.
Also no one else from the team is able to join.
She proposed a dedicated call, preferable in the morning Monday-Friday.
Oliver would prefer Tuesday or Thursday not before 11am.
And he mentioned we should define the goal of the meeting upfront.
* Oliver worked on our Mission, Rules and how we work and rule of group lead.
The current draft can be found here:
Resolved tasks
* PR merged: [TASK] Drop TeaController functional test #379
* PR merged: [TASK] Drop v9 support in gitlab ci #380
* PR merged: [TASK] Update phpstorm meta file according to core #376
* PR merged: [BUGFIX] Remove showRecordFieldList from the TCA #386
* PR merged: [BUGFIX] Stop using the vendor name for plugin registration #385
* PR merged: [TASK] Remove an obsolete version switch from the TCA configuration #389
* PR merged: [FEATURE] Add module definitions to the PhpStorm meta file #388
* PR merged: [TASK] Switch to the core testing framework #361
* PR merged: [BUGFIX] Fix code coverage calculation after switch to core testing framework #390
* PR merged: [FEATURE] Enable php8.1 #381
Define next tasks
* We want to discuss the draft version provided by Oliver (see above):
The goal would be to create a final state which will be published.
Meeting Minutes March 09
.. contents::
General Topics
Resolved tasks
Define next tasks
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