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* Benni Mack provided feedback and said thanks for our XLIFF improvements in TYPO3 Core
Resolved tasks
* Łukasz added Oliver and Daniel as Owner to new GitHub organization.
He also added two factor authentication (2FA) for that organization.
* Łukasz added configuration options for GitHub Actions.
* Łukasz migrated YAML linter to GitHub Actions
* Łukasz migrated Copy and Paste Detector to GitHub Actions
* Łukasz migrated Codestyle check to GitHub Actions
* Łukasz migrated CodeSniffer to GitHub Actions
* Łukasz excluded `node_modules` folder when linting JSON files
* Łukasz migrated XLIFF linting to GitHub Actions
* Łukasz migrated JSON linting to GitHub Actions
* Oliver renamed CS fixer composer script
* Oliver fixed path to php cs in composer `scripts` section
* Oliver finished collection of composer scripts for `ci:php` and `ci:static`
* Oliver upgraded XLIFF to 1.2, in order to provide proper linting
Define next tasks
* Łukasz is cleaning up composer `scripts` to not include PHP binary
Official documentation:
* Łukasz is adding ddev setup for EXT:tea
* Łukasz will share GitHub Actions in Channel.
Meeting Minutes April 21
.. contents::
Resolved tasks
Define next tasks
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