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General Topics
* Daniel will be on holiday until 1. August.
* Next meeting will be at 7 pm, due to TYPO3 online days live stream which is planed until 6:55 pm.
Resolved tasks
* Merged "[BUGFIX] Actually remove .gitignore"
* Oliver replied to Asks within Issues on GitHub.
* Oliver attended a talk regarding
Our project was not accepted, but a part regarding testing was accepted.
Oliver will be part of Event Day #4 August 26., see:
* Łukasz finished update of ddev.
* Łukasz pushed changes for separation of workflow scripts.
* Łukasz cleaned some leftovers on issues at GitHub.
Define next tasks
* Łukasz was working on code coverage and is trying to merge coverage reports from
unit and functional tests.
The coverage only needs to be generated for one PHP version and set of dependencies.
We will generate for highest PHP and latest versions of dependencies.
* Łukasz wants to release v1.0.0 of the EXT:tea.
Oliver proposed to use and
release once all assigned issues are solved.
* Łukasz will integrate phpstan with a baseline file.
* We will mention the tested version of ddev within readme.
* Daniel will write a report for this years achievements.
That's needed by the assoc as we got budget.
Will be published to as blog post.
Meeting Minutes July 28
.. contents::
General Topics
Resolved tasks
Define next tasks
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