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Meeting Minutes March 29
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Goal of this meeting was to get in contact with team.
Introduction round to introduce each team member to everyone else.
Let the demo team know what we do.
Also see:
Understand what the demo team does.
They want to provide a demonstration especially for users of TYPO3, editors for exmple.
So main focus is on integration and polished backend.
The team is always meeting on last Tuesday each month at 3pm Europe/Berlin.
Come to a conclusion whether it makes sense to have a single repository for and best practices. If so, we can plan the next steps to continue working together.
We came to conclusion that it would make totally sense to work together.
URL to repository:
URL to demo installation:
URL to demo team:
URL to demo team Slack Channel:
Next Steps
Add to readme of that this project is also an example for studying and copying.
The demo team will move communication over to their public channel so we can exchange information and discussions.
And they will also move their monthly call over to the public Slack Channel.
Daniel will write a news (interviewing David from demo team) promoting the joined effort.
And also promoting existing state as current best practice.
The news should also be used to promote actively community work. Everyone is welcome
to provide feedback, e.g. open issues and provide merge requests and participate in public slack channel. (Use call to action).
Come up with clarifications as documentation and additions.
E.g. why were certain decisions made the way they were (e.g. the testing framework on EXT:tea).
This task will not be assigned to anyone specific right now. We will discuss and re assign if there are no results.
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