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General Topics
Oliver asked to talk about execution of tests on TYPO3 version 11.
#. Raise necessary TYPO3 version regarding 11 to include dependency to Symfony
polyfill providing str_starts_with to not break unit tests.
#. Look into breaking functional tests for version 11.
We will check if switching to typo3/testing-framework will solve the issue.
If it will solve, we will drop TYPO3 v9 support and switch from nimut to typo3/testing-framework.
Łukasz asked whether we should work on best practices for website projects.
That was already part of the initial project and we already have a repository at, just none on GitHub.
We might join efforts with to demonstrate the result on, provide insights into features and how to provide a proper
We also might wanna use or steal parts from .
This will not happen this year, we will focus on the extension for now.
But Daniel will add to budget for next year.
We will define a first milestone in order to focus on specific topics.
Daniel will contact the team of and ask to join efforts.
Contributors are available at
Resolved tasks
* PR merged: [TASK] Update the development dependencies #325
* PR merged: [TASK] Only install Composer packages once in a CI build #330
* PR merged: [BUGFIX] Only publish to the TER if the tag is a valid version number #329
* PR merged: [TASK] Upgrade to PHPUnit 8.5 #328
Includes update of Nimut testing framework.
This enables us to execute tests with TYPO3 v11.
* PR merged: [TASK] Upgrade ddev to v1.18.0 #331
Define next tasks
Meeting Minutes November 17
.. contents::
General Topics
Resolved tasks
Define next tasks
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