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General Topics
* Daniel might not be able to join meeting on 15th December.
Łukasz and Oliver will decide next week whether the meeting will happen.
* Meeting on 29th December is canceled due to holidays.
* Łukasz is focusing on headless extension, so not to much work on qa initiative right now.
Resolved tasks
* Daniel added merges to last meeting minutes.
* Daniel asked demo team whether they can join one of our team calls.
They prefer to have a dedicated call once there is something concrete,
e.g. first quarter of next year.
* Oliver had a call with Lolli regarding core testing framework.
Newest version only works with TYPO3 v12.
We now have one version for v9, one for v10 and v11 and one for v12.
Lolli recommended to use the core testing framework but require different version depending on TYPO3 version.
It is not planned to support multiple TYPO3 versions with one testing framework.
There are plans to integrate the framework into TYPO3 monorepo and have streamlined releases.
* PR merged: [TASK] Add badges to readme #343
Define next tasks
* Łukasz asked if we should push EXT:tea as verified extension.
Oliver likes the idea, once we support TYPO3 v11.
We should contact Volker Graubaum to ask if its possible for EXT:tea.
Oliver will organize the next steps.
Meeting Minutes December 15
.. contents::
General Topics
Resolved tasks
Define next tasks
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