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Add Meeting minutes from 22th September

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Resolved tasks
* Oliver worked on PHPStan and compatibility with newer TYPO3 versions,
and reviewed start of TYPO3 v11 work and Code Coverage pull request.
* Łukasz worked on TYPO3 v11 and code coverage.
* PR merged: [TASK] Update the development dependencies #305
* PR merged: [BUGFIX] Complete the typo3/cms section in the composer.json #304
* PR merged: [TASK] Enhance the PHPStan configuration #302
* PR merged: [CLEANUP] Fix the Prophecy-related type annotations #299
* PR merged: [TASK] Always use @covers annotations in the tests #298
* PR merged: [TASK] Exclude ddev directory #309
Define next tasks
Łukasz worked in code coverage and run into issues regarding the PR.
It is about some GitHub Action from Marketplace.
It messes up with History when pushing the Clover result to the repository.
We need another way.
Oliver says a dedicated branch would be fine.
It will be generated from main to provide a badge for readme.
A report on Pull Requests would be cool,
so one can see how the PR will change the coverage.
Meeting Minutes October 06
.. contents::
General Topics
Resolved tasks
Define next tasks
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