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General Topics
* Daniel would like to discuss: Responding to issues.
Does it work, do we need to discuss this?
Just keep on going. Everyone can respond and if there is anything to discuss within team, we will do so.
* Sybille raised question "Why are we versioning the tool PHARs instead of using symlinks and/or .gitignore"
Oliver asked on Twitter, back in April:
* Łukasz will not be available for two weeks.
Resolved tasks
* Łukasz added yaml linter to all GitHub Actions.
(Waiting for Review)
* Merged "Limit the line length for Markdown files via .editorconfig"
* Merged "[BUGFIX] Add conflict for doctrine/dbal"
* Merged "[TASK] Remove php occurencies in lint scripts"
* Merged "[FEATURE] Add base ddev setup and command"
* Merged "[BUGFIX] Fix phpcs fix script"
* Oliver did reviews.
* Łukasz found some issues, e.g. doctrine dbal incompatbility.
Define next tasks
* Łukasz will document why we use GitHub Actions instead of defined dependencies.
E.g. phpstan dev dependency is not used, but GitHub Action from 2nd organization.
* Łukasz will work on documentation and functional tests with ddev and publishing actions to GitHub Marketplace.
* Łukasz will document that one does not need to use GitHub Actions and phive tools.
We only include them inside the repository, because it is also used for GitLab where phive tools should be used instead of GitHub Actions.
* Oliver noticed the GitHub Actions is a bit slow and asked whether we can improve and cache some slower parts.
The root cause seems to be the creation of docker images.
Łukasz will push the generated images to registry.
Daniel will also ask Server Team whether we have a public Docker registry at That would be the preferred solution.
Daniel will work out the account and permissions + access.
Probably we can re use or work together with TYPO3 Documentation, see: and
Łukasz will be away, so we will meet at 31 May instead of 2nd June at same time.
Meeting Minutes May 31
.. contents::
General Topics
Resolved tasks
Define next tasks
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