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Our mission
We want to help TYPO3 developers build high-quality extensions and sites.
For this, we provide example projects and extensions that both serve as a learning resource as well as a source for easy copy’n’pasting.
We also create and maintain standards documents in these areas if the TYPO3 Association or the TYPO3 GmbH asks us to.
To do this, we continually build and hone our expertise in this area.
This will include trying things out and changing things that have not worked out well enough.
We also freely share our advice on these topics when asked.
Rules, and how we work
We go out of our way to treat each other well.
We abide by the TYPO3 code of conduct.
We do our best to help each other.
We keep our promises and agreements. If someone cannot keep a promise, they are required to inform the group as soon as possible so we can find a way to work around this.
Group organization
There are two groups (one being a subgroup of the other):
active members
those who regularly attend our conference calls
those who are part of the Slack channel, but do not regularly attend our conference calls
The persons who regularly attend our team calls are also the persons who are allowed to merge pull requests on our projects.
Every community member can join the channel as long as they agree to and follow the rules. Lurking is explicitly encouraged.
How we work
If we need to decide something, we do so at the team conference calls. Everybody who attends can take part in these decisions. We try to find a consensus for decisions, and only very rarely do a majority vote.
For some smaller, urgent things (like skipping a call or some smaller technical decisions), we can also decide via chat in our channel. For those decisions, only the voices of the persons regularly attending the calls are relevant.
We welcome input from outside the group of active members. However, we do not make promises to act on requests or demands from outside this group.
The rule of the group lead
Currently, Daniel Siepmann has this role.
* enforce the rules (if necessary)
* manage the budget
* help resolve conflicts in the group
* gracefully step down if they cannot fulfill this role well anymore
Special rights:
* kick people out of the group if they violate the rules or the code of conduct, and if we cannot resolve this any other way
About this repository
This repository should hold all "internal" information.
It is intended to contain information that are necessary at least to manage and fulfill the budget
Internal does not mean they are private and hided.
Instead the information are public for transparency.
Folder Structure
Special documents, e.g. our mission statement and rules.
Provides documents for every single meeting.
We document general topics and discussions, as well as achievements and solved
tasks, and upcoming tasks.
Supports Markdown
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