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General Topics
Resolved tasks
* Daniel created the report of 1st half of 2021.
The report can be found here:
* Oliver integrated Functional Tests within ddev.
* Oliver fixed composer script usage within GitHub Actions.
* Oliver had a look at the TYPO3 Coding Guidelines.
Oliver suggests we will use PHP CS Fixer as well as PHP Code Sniffer.
The configuration should be part of the repository.
* Oliver searched for a solution to install phars via phive within the CI and ddev.
A new issue is created to migrate the current situation.
* Oliver worked on readme and will progress here.
* Lukasz worked on code coverage for tests (combined of unit and functional) as clover file.
We still need to represent the result somehow.
Lukasz found an GitHub Action which would generate a report from clover.
Oliver mentioned other projects are uploading results to services generating a coverage badge.
Define next tasks
* Daniel will submit the report as blog post to and provide the URL as report within reimbursement tool.
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