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Meeting Minutes January 12
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General Topics
Resolved tasks
* Daniel created report for 2nd half of 2021,
report is available here:
It is submitted as report for association, as well as news on
* PR merged: [TASK] Drop the badge for unstable releases from the README #350
* PR merged: [BUGFIX] Pin Composer to version 2.1.x #352
* PR merged: [TASK] Always run the CI build after a push #354
* PR merged: [TASK] Upgrade PHPStan & friends #357
* PR merged: [TASK] Update composer-normalize #356
* PR merged: [TASK] Update the development dependencies #351
* PR merged: [BUGFIX] Explicitly allow the development Composer plugins #353
* PR merged: [TASK] Use Composer 2.2 in the CI pipeline #362
* PR merged: [BUGFIX] Fix CI builds for PRs from forks #360
* PR merged: V1.1.0: Add support for TYPO3 11LTS #364
* PR merged: [TASK] Drop support for TYPO3 9LTS #363
* New release: V1.1.0: Add support for TYPO3 11LTS Latest
Define next tasks
* Daniel will apply for new budget in 2022, once the process is open.
We defined we will work on best practices for projects in 2022 and still work 100% remote.
Remote work is done due to the ongoing pandemic.
* Oliver will get in contact with TYPO3 GmbH, regarding TYPO3 verified extensions, once Susanne Moog contacts him.
We will then maintain the requirements, if that's ok for TYPO3 GmbH.
Everyone is welcome to join our Team, also to work exclusively on that topic.
* Oliver will continue to work on migration to TYPO3 core testing framework.
* Oliver will work on two new QA tools and try out different coverage tools which
might be better then our existing solution.
Meeting Minutes December 15
Meeting Minutes January 26
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Define next tasks
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