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    • Oliver Bartsch's avatar
      [TASK] Avoid usages of sys_language in site configuration · da9c6df5
      Oliver Bartsch authored and Benni Mack's avatar Benni Mack committed
      This patch removes the last remains of sys_language in the
      site configurations' TCA.
      Therefore, the TCA of `site` and `site_langauge` is changed
      to always retrieve possible site languages via an itemsProcFunc,
      instead of using a relation to sys_language.
      As new site languages now have to be created in the module
      directly, a new internal TCA type "siteLanguage" is introduced.
      The new type behaves similar to type "inline", but contains some
      necessary features, e.g. unique record selector box next to a
      "create new" button, which are not available in type "inline".
      Also some not needed functionality is omitted.
      Instead of the sys_language records, all available site languages
      from all existing site configurations are now presented in the
      selector box. On selecting one of them, a new site language record
      is created, with most of the fields pre filled.
      Resolves: #94399
      Releases: master
      Change-Id: I60ac5b4259aa3c9d90a4aba9881bc1dc2341b464
      Tested-by: core-ci's avatarcore-ci <>
      Tested-by: Christian Kuhn's avatarChristian Kuhn <>
      Tested-by: Benni Mack's avatarBenni Mack <>
      Reviewed-by: Christian Kuhn's avatarChristian Kuhn <>
      Reviewed-by: Benni Mack's avatarBenni Mack <>
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  18. 21 Dec, 2020 1 commit
    • Benjamin Franzke's avatar
      [TASK] Update bootstrap javascript to 5.0.0-beta1 · 27881b60
      Benjamin Franzke authored and Benni Mack's avatar Benni Mack committed
      Bootstrap v5 – introduced in #92616 – was added with CCS from beta1 but
      JavaScript from alpha2. bootstrap.bundle.js was manually wrapped
      into a AMD closure, and because bootstrap 5.0.0-beta1 contains alot of
      changes regarding data tags, it couldn't be updated in the initial
      Bootstrap is now bundled using rollup using the ES6 sources in order
      to allow for automatic updates through `grunt build`.
      popperjs – previously bundled into bootstrap distributed files –
      is now added as dependency. The bootstap ES6 sources, that we now use
      through rollup, do not bundle this external dependency (for good reasons).
      Dependency added with:
         yarn add @popperjs/core
      Further adaptions contained in this change to ensure beta1 compatibility:
      a) Carousel "item" to "carousel-item" class migration
      b) $.fn.modal(options) does no longer imply $.fn.modal('show')
      c) Fix panels, both JS and CSS (card-group can't be used here)
      d) All bootstrap data- tags are migrated to data-bs-.
         Migrated with
         # renderes a sed substition with the help of a nested sed from all the
         # data-bs attributes that where changed in the twbs/bootstrap commit
         git grep -l data- | xargs sed -i $( \
              curl -s \
     | \
              sed 's/data-bs-[a-z-]*/\n&\n/g' | grep "data-bs-[a-z-]" | \
              sort | uniq | \
              sed 's/data-bs-\(.*\)\([^a-z-]\|$\)/ -e s\/data-\1\\\([^a-z-]\\\)\/data-bs-\1\\1\/g -e s\/data('"'"'\1'"'"')\/data('"'"'bs-\1'"'"')\/g/g' \
         # Revert false positives from the above auto-replacement
         git checkout -- typo3/sysext/core/Documentation/Changelog/ \
              typo3/sysext/backend/Classes/Form/Container/FlexFormContainerContainer.php \
              Build/Sources/TypeScript/backend/Resources/Public/TypeScript/LiveSearch.ts \
              Build/Sources/TypeScript/backend/Resources/Public/TypeScript/FormEngineFlexForm.ts \
              Build/Sources/TypeScript/install/Resources/Public/TypeScript/Module/Settings/ExtensionConfiguration.ts \
         (cd Build && grunt build)
      Resolves: #93126
      Resolves: #93123
      Resolves: #93132
      Related: #92616
      Releases: master
      Change-Id: Ie194d0f87d2c60df7b9e8a6de4893cfaaea55356
      Tested-by: default avatarTYPO3com <>
      Tested-by: default avatarMartin Kutschker <>
      Tested-by: Christian Kuhn's avatarChristian Kuhn <>
      Tested-by: Benni Mack's avatarBenni Mack <>
      Reviewed-by: default avatarMartin Kutschker <>
      Reviewed-by: Christian Kuhn's avatarChristian Kuhn <>
      Reviewed-by: Benni Mack's avatarBenni Mack <>
  19. 20 Dec, 2020 1 commit
    • Matthias Stegmann's avatar
      [FEATURE] Introduce Bootstrap v5 for TYPO3 Backend · 793fc121
      Matthias Stegmann authored and Benni Mack's avatar Benni Mack committed
      This changes removes the frontend framework
      Bootstrap 3, and adds Bootstrap 5 beta 1 (we
      expect Bootstrap 5 final by the time we release TYPO3 v11 LTS).
      Bootstrap v3 is not supported by the Bootstrap
      team any longer, so an update is critical for TYPO3 Core.
      Bootstrap v5 adds a few accessibility improvements
      as well as flexbox for rendering
      containers and grids throughout TYPO3 Backend.
      All JS components are not bound to jQuery anymore,
      and have been reworked.
      A lot of HTML/CSS changes happened, which we
      slowly migrate (and not in a huge change)
      to TYPO3's templates, in order to keep
      this change managable.
      A legacy CSS/SCSS file is added to
      keep some backwards-compatibility classes
      to ease the migration for extension developers
      who have built their own backend modules.
      Key features of Bootstrap 5:
      * "rem" instead of "px" is used by default
      * CSS variables are introduced
      * Improved bootstrap focus outline styling (buttons / inputs / links)
      * Simplified grid functionality
      * use new button color mixin to increase contrast:
        Primary, Success and Warning Button color is now dark instead of white
      EXT:styleguide was used as a basis for
      upgrading to keep compatibility as much
      as possible, but more changes will be coming
      in the next few minor releases.
      Resolves: #92616
      Releases: master
      Change-Id: Iec989f39649b5460b055ec879199faf38e424f2b
      Tested-by: default avatarTYPO3com <>
      Tested-by: Benjamin Franzke's avatarBenjamin Franzke <>
      Tested-by: Oliver Hader's avatarOliver Hader <>
      Tested-by: Oliver Bartsch's avatarOliver Bartsch <>
      Tested-by: Benni Mack's avatarBenni Mack <>
      Reviewed-by: Benjamin Franzke's avatarBenjamin Franzke <>
      Reviewed-by: Oliver Hader's avatarOliver Hader <>
      Reviewed-by: Oliver Bartsch's avatarOliver Bartsch <>
      Reviewed-by: Benni Mack's avatarBenni Mack <>
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  24. 02 Oct, 2020 1 commit
  25. 24 Sep, 2020 1 commit
    • Oliver Bartsch's avatar
      [BUGFIX] Remove wrongly introduced showNewRecordLink property · d2824c9f
      Oliver Bartsch authored and Benni Mack's avatar Benni Mack committed
      With #82489 a condition, introduced in #71918, was changed as
      it misused the `['appearance']['enabledControls']['new']` property
      to hide the newRecordLink button while actually only the "new" button
      of inline records controls should be hidden.
      To provide the possibility to hide the newRecordLink, independent
      of the controls, a new property `showNewRecordLink` was introduced.
      This new property is however superfluous as the newRecordLink button
      can already be hidden by setting `['appearance']['levelLinksPosition']`
      to `none`.
      Therefore the newly introduced `showNewRecordLink` property along
      with the condition is removed and the RST is updated and moved to
      the correct directory.
      Resolves: #92397
      Relates: #82489
      Releases: master, 10.4
      Change-Id: I49cf98c98a9df125f4fbf1737ccdacbf915fb683
      Tested-by: default avatarTYPO3com <>
      Tested-by: Benni Mack's avatarBenni Mack <>
      Reviewed-by: Benni Mack's avatarBenni Mack <>
  26. 22 Sep, 2020 1 commit
    • Oliver Bartsch's avatar
      [BUGFIX] Use dedicated property to hide newRecordLink button · 20658a44
      Oliver Bartsch authored and Georg Ringer's avatar Georg Ringer committed
      Since #71918 the property ['appearance']['enabledControls']['new']
      is misused to hide the newRecordLink button of TCA=inline.
      This is incorrect because according to documentation enabledControls
      only manages the controls, shown in the header of each inline record.
      This makes sense for use-cases where e.g. an inline column has
      maxitems=1 set. Therefore the control to create a new inline record
      afterwards is not needed. The newRecordLink is however definitely
      needed to create at least this one inline record.
      Furthermore ['enabledControls']['new'] is the only enabledControls
      property used in InlineControlContainer, which also indicates its
      misuse there.
      This check is therefore now replaced by a new dedicated property
      `showNewRecordLink`, so it is still possible for extension authors to
      hide the newRecordLink independent of the new button in the inline
      records controls.
      For backwards compatibility the newRecordLink is only hidden if the
      `showNewRecordLink` is explicit set to FALSE. If not set the
      newRecordLink is shown.
      Resolves: #82489
      Related: #71918
      Releases: master, 10.4
      Change-Id: Ic504ff95ff30804d86a686d71922622c19b0c859
      Tested-by: default avatarTYPO3com <>
      Tested-by: Benni Mack's avatarBenni Mack <>
      Tested-by: Georg Ringer's avatarGeorg Ringer <>
      Reviewed-by: Benni Mack's avatarBenni Mack <>
      Reviewed-by: Georg Ringer's avatarGeorg Ringer <>
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  34. 09 Jul, 2020 1 commit
    • Helmut Hummel's avatar
      [BUGFIX] Always merge results from empty tabs · c7b262f4
      Helmut Hummel authored and Benni Mack's avatar Benni Mack committed
      When rendering child elements of a tabs, not only
      the rendered HTML is collected from these child elements,
      but also hidden fields HTML, assets and a lot more.
      Therefore it is crucial to merge the child results regardless
      of whether the "html" property is empty.
      Releases: master, 10.4, 9.5
      Resolves: #91636
      Relates: #89094
      Change-Id: If169bd6486d3001466464462b29788b94fbb0943
  35. 29 Jun, 2020 1 commit
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