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      [!!!][FEATURE] Refactored Session Handling · 733353c1
      Benni Mack authored
      The AbstractUserAuthentication class handles way too much
      of what it should know / do.
      For this reason, a new UserSession object which contains
      basic information needed for everything belonging to a non-fixated
      session, a fixated anonymous session, if a session was evelated,
      or if a session has expired, is kept in there.
      The "SessionManager" should not be used anymore publically
      but slowly dissolve into a SessionBackendManager.
      Design goals:
      * UserAuth object should not know about session backends
      * UserAuth should not store sessionData etc. directly in its own object
      * Decouple UserSession info from any properties of UserAuth
      * A UserSessionManager deals with the creation and validation of the UserSession objects. No Session Objects can be created etc outside
      of this class to maintain persistability
      * UserSessionManager also encapsulates ipLocking and the responsible SessionBackend
      Final goals to be tackled later:
      * Build a user session object from the request object, and not within the UserAuth object
      * Session Handling can be accessed outside of UserAuth
      * Cookie Handling and Session Handling are separated from UserAuth
      * Load Session information from PSR-7 request instead of $_COOKIE
      Resolves: #93023
      Releases: master
      Change-Id: Ia2d8244e433d0f6adf220d443b2c0947f251b5e9
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