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      [BUGFIX] Fix descriptions of selectCheckBox items · 02c42d8a
      Oliver Bartsch authored and Richard Haeser's avatar Richard Haeser committed
      With #91008 the grouping and sorting feature was
      introduced to the TCA select type. As a consequence,
      the select items array key for the help text changed
      from `3` to `4`.
      The SelectCheckBox now correctly checks the `4`
      key for the presence of a description.
      In v11 the absence of a title value, which is common
      in this scenario, did furthermore lead to TypeError
      on rendering the popover. This is fixed by assigning
      an empty string as default value on initialization of
      the popover options. Otherwise this option would be
      initialized as 'undefined' and then trigger the
      TypeError on sanitizing.
      Additionally the TCA properties special=table,
      special=exclude and special=custom are adjusted to
      add the correct value as help text to the items array.
      The value is now added directly as string, as there
      is no need to define the array while only providing
      the description.
      As a drive-by-change, the itemsProcFuncs of the
      dashboard and the MFA component do now also add
      the description for their access list field. This
      is done because the dashboard initially defined the
      description already but had to remove it again due
      to this bug, see: #91152. The MFA component also
      just hadn't added it because the bug hadn't been
      resolved at that time.
      Resolves: #93331
      Resolves: #92383
      Releases: master, 10.4
      Change-Id: Ie96bcabea88b377490c24b0e60cfca8337e9ec52
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