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[FEATURE] Add new ViewHelper f:variable via Fluid 2.2.0

A new Fluid ViewHelper, `f:variable`, has become available
in TYPO3 after raising the minimum required version of the
Fluid engine to 2.2.0.

Change-Id: I4f42030ef586e8d9a3d40c54c64137eb1969384d
Resolves: #79402
Releases: master

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Tested-by: default avatarThomas Hohn <>
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Tested-by: Georg Ringer's avatarGeorg Ringer <>
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Feature: #79402 - New Fluid ViewHelper f:variable added
See :issue:`79402`
A new ViewHelper ``f:variable`` has been added in Fluid 2.2.0 which is now minimum required dependency for TYPO3.
The ViewHelper allows variables to be assigned in the template:
.. code-block:: html
Assign a variable
<f:variable name="myvariable">My variable's content</f:variable>
<f:variable name="myvariable" value="My variable's content"/>
{f:variable(name: 'myvariable', value: 'My variable\'s content')}
{myoriginalvariable -> f:variable.set(name: 'mynewvariable')}
The new ViewHelper is now available in any and all Fluid templates being rendered in TYPO3.
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