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[TASK] Document DI happening before initializeObject()

Changes in the execution of dependency injection and object
initialization have been documented as an important change.

Resolves: #67401
Related: #67274
Related: #67272
Related: #66473
Releases: master
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Important: #67401 - Dependency Injection is now done before initializeObject()
Formerly ``initializeObject()`` was called before the dependencies were injected. This behavior didn't match the documentation_.
With TYPO3 CMS 7.3 this has been changed. Dependency injection using ``@inject`` annotations and ``inject*()`` methods is now performed **before** calling ``initializeObject()``.
This may have impact on extensions that are relying on the reversed call order. In these cases adjustments are required to take into account that the injected objects are available.
.. _documentation:
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