Commit 7b94e2a6 authored by Christian Kuhn's avatar Christian Kuhn Committed by Wouter Wolters
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[TASK] Add spaces around '=' of 'strict_types=1'

This cosmetical CGL change just substitutes all

declare(strict_types = 1);

to be in line with the general 'spaces around ='
rule. While that is cosmetical, it makes scrutinizer-ci
a bit more happy and prevents it from creating
auto-patches for these cases.

Change-Id: Ic754b3fd2a0f06624909e6188ed270bd2797745c
Resolves: #83554
Releases: master

Tested-by: default avatarTYPO3com <>
Reviewed-by: Anja Leichsenring's avatarAnja Leichsenring <>
Tested-by: Anja Leichsenring's avatarAnja Leichsenring <>
Reviewed-by: Wouter Wolters's avatarWouter Wolters <>
Tested-by: Wouter Wolters's avatarWouter Wolters <>
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